What is spiritual multiplication?

It is spiritual parenting that leads to spiritual children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Who do you know right now that you could help as a spiritual parent or as an “older brother” or “older sister” in Christ?

Over the months ahead, as you share your faith you will have your own spiritual children. Sometimes you will “adopt” a child or for a time be a “foster parent.” Over the years, you can have children and grandchildren who live and spiritually reproduce in other cities and perhaps even in other countries. Your Christian life can impact the world!

A strong biblical precedent for multiplication is seen in the four generations of 2 Timothy 2:2: Paul, Timothy, dependable people, and others. Here you see parent, child, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren—spiritual multiplication!

You and many others have heard what I have taught. You should teach the same thing to some people you can trust. Then they will be able to teach it to others.  —2 Timothy 2:2 (New Century Version)