What Others Say

Defining Moments
I had been a christian for about 7-years when I went through all 6 books of the Classic 2:7 series. That was 9-years ago. As I look back at the investment I made in this program, it was the linchpin event in my christian life. The base that this program gave me as a disciple of Christ has been used by God in too many ways to write here. I haven’t seen or heard of a better program. THANKS! I have been raised in the church and in a godly family. In 2007 I was deployed to Iraq and I was tested. On coming back to CA I met a retired fighter pilot who was with the Navigators and he introduced me to this study. I would share this with even the most mature Christian. If we are faithful in little we will be faithful in much.”

You will Grow
“I took this course as a fairly new Christian in November of 2005. I am in the process of facilitating a group at our church. I carried on the daily Bible study portion of this book from November 2005 through August 2008, reading and journaling through the New Testament twice and the Old Testament once. This is truly an experience in Spiritual growth.”

The Absolute Best
“I went through 4 books of the classic series and this remains the absolute best Bible study I’ve ever been a part of. It integrates so much into a coherent whole that is missing in most Bible Studies. To this day, I still use my testimony developed through this series and remember most of my verses. What a blessing!”

Col. 2:7 Changed My Life!
“I was a “baby” Christian at 41 having been “born again” 3 years earlier.I was attending a Christian church where a Col 2:7 Course was about to begin and I signed up for it.Through that course I began my walk with the Lord. Because of the spiritual disciplines I not only learned how to understand and rightly handle God’s Word,I was given tools I still use today to show others,(believers & non-believers), how to be an effective Christian in the world, and have a life of fulfillment through Christ.”

Good book for Christian groups to work through

Navigators has done a good job of putting the fundamentals of growth as a Christian in one book. We use this series to help us bring everyone in our church up to speed on the basics of living the life of a Christian.

The scripture memory sections are very good and the outside sources, included in the text, are excellent additions to the text.

My group is just getting ready to start #2 in the series and we cannot wait to get started!

—Roger of Oil City, PA