2:7 Group Leaders

The Benefits of Being a Discipleship Group Leader

As the leader of a Growing Strong in God’s Family group, you will see the cause of Christ advanced in these two ways:

  1. Growth in the spiritual lives of others
  2. Growth in your own spiritual life and discipling skills

Goals as a Group Leader

You have two long-range goals when helping people become functioning disciples:

  1. To help each person become a more mature disciple of Jesus Christ
  2. To equip each person with tools and know-how to help him or her develop others in discipleship

Your leadership gives each person in your group the opportunity to develop the qualities, habits, and disciplines that mark him or her as a man or woman of God. They will be growing in their relationships both with God and with other people.

Leaders Guides and other resources are provided here to help you faciliate your group.

Watch for Leader Guide Updates

Note the version number on the title page of each leader guide. Periodically each leader guide will be updated. For example: a new paragraph may be added or an illustration included.

When you download a leader guide, locate the version number. From time to time, check for a more recent version to download.